7 Year Old Maryland Youth is 2-Time Recipient of Honor Thy Heroes Crown

This week on The Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen, we honored 7-year old Cavanaugh Bell of Gaithersburg, Maryland.

In March 2020, Cavanaugh was featured on the program for his work in his community. He channeled his experiences of being bullied into love and with the pandemic on the rise, he decided to use his allowance, purchase necessities and create and deliver care packages to community seniors. It seems that Cavanaugh enjoyed doing this so much that he stepped up his game and has since setup a GoFundMe and has sent not one but two semi tractor trailers filled with food, clothing and other necessities to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The supplies have totaled close to $50,000.

Cavanaugh’s story once again fell upon our desk and we cannot be more proud of what he is doing. If you listen to Episode 110 of the show, you will see how this second grader has made a personal connection to Joel & The Lovely Sharen.

This makes 7-year old Cavanaugh Bell our first ever two time recipient of the Honor Thy Heroes crown. Keep up the great work Cavanaugh. If you are crowned a third time in the future, you will have to grant us an interview!

For more information on Cavanaugh’s project and to donate, visit him at www.coolanddope.com