Where To Listen

Although the best way to listen to the podcast is to subscribe so that you never miss an episode, you can also listen and support one of our broadcast affiliates who air the program throughout the week!

If you know of a station in your area and you’d like to hear The Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen aired on it, please fill out the form below so that we can contact the station.

Sunday 11 PM ET on 920 WON: The Apple http://mixlr.com/920-won-the-apple/
Saturday & Sunday 6 PM ET on Reality One Radio http://www.WR1R.com
Friday 6 PM ET on StarFM Radio at http://v4.mystreamplayer.com/starfm
Daily on the Elevens (11AM & 11PM) on SRN One at https://c5.radioboss.fm/u/76